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Terms and Agreements

All customers, visitors and user of the website of  www.chiinnature.com must agree to our Privacy Policy and the Terms and Agreements for all sales of merchandise or services on this website as listed below:

Orders for Products and Services

  • All prices in CAD (Canadian Dollars).
  • No refunds on any purchase of merchandise or services delivered successfully to the clients.
  • Cancellation of order must be exercised prior to the date of delivery.
  • All Talismans cannot be returned for exchange.
  • We reserve all rights to refuse orders, fees will be repealed in full.
  • All Talismans are custom made upon order
  • All Talismans could be written differently compare to the one displayed on the website, because it is all customized for the customers. No worry, it is the same as what you ordered.


  • No refund on all lessons purchased. (Option: Convert to store credit)
  • Lessons are sent out by email only.
  • Lesson's files are stored on server for maximum of  7 days only.
  • No request of previous lessons' files to be resent.
  • We reserve all rights to reject orders, fees will be reversed in full.


  • All ceremonies are non-refundable once date-of-ceremony is confirmed by both parties.
  • All ceremonies are executed by our Sifu(s) only.
  • All ceremonies require trust and faith in us.
  • Do not purchase any ceremonies if you do not believe in us.
  • We do not give any guarantees on results but only the completion of the ceremony.
  • Reports for each diagnostic sessions and ceremonies will be kept and owned by Chi in Nature Ltd.
  • Excluding client's personal information, we have full rights to use the "Reports" for any purposes.
  • We reserve all rights to refuse orders, fees will be repealed in full.


  • If product is damaged on delivery by accident. We will mail out a replace to you when your returned products are received and notify us by email.
  • If the wrong product is shipped to you, we will send out a replacement (free of charge).

*All of the above are subject to change without notice.



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