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How to Address to People in the Lineage

Before you ordain into our lineage, you can call yourself a believer Shun-Si 信士 and address to everyone in the lineage that talks to you a Si fu 師傅 meaning they are a professional who can help you in this field.

When you are ordained, you will start to call Jee and Gum Sifu "Si Gung" 師公 which is the teacher in grandfather's generation. There are also 9 sifu(s) 師父 who will be guiding you and teaching you too. This sifu means the father generation teachers, and not a professional. Very different!

When you are ordained, you call yourself as a Taoist, Doe-Si 道士 as your identity. Inside the lineage, you call yourself a disciple, which is Dai-Jee 弟子.

People who are also a disciple and not yet a master will be your Si Hing 師兄 or Si Jeh 師姐 meaning brother or sister in the lineage, who are elder than you. Since there can be so many people before you or after you, we will stick to just calling the elder class to avoid confusion.

Remember to greet people when you start a conversation and always say thank you and bye when you leave a conversation. Suddenly just vanishing from the chat room is rude and not respectful. Simple common sense, right? However, many people in the modern world really lack these virtues!

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