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Magic Power Concept

Your magic power comes from the deep preheaven nature, Saam Law, through the lineage and the teachers before you. You must always remember that Saam Law is your Tao, and where your guidance, power and magic methods comes from. To get more powerful in magic, you must learn to "cultivate the Tao", meaning to get, to take, to absorb more from the Tao. To do that, you use more, learn more, and request more from it every day.

Magic power is like love, it increases and strengthen when you put your heart into it, use it more, and it will grow bigger. Unlike the post-heaven elements like water and fire, which decreases as you use them up. Magic power is the opposite!

The key to success is to put your heart into it, have trust and faith into the Tao, the lineage, and the teachers (and also yourself). Try your best to learn more, practice more, and use more and it will be good.

For a heathy cycle, you must cultivate the Te for more to come, or else you will be non-stop taking and the quota for you to take will reduce if you never give back. Read about the concluding of magic and how you should cultivate the Te in the lineage.

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