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You can get level-up a stage to get more power in the lineage, yet if you just get yourself to a higher stage but not practice, it means nothing too. A lazy stage 4 is no better than a good stage 2. Remember to put your heart, effort and energy into learning for the best result. Just do your best and don't think about the "ladder" in a system. This is not a race, and you do not compete against anyone.

Different levels in the lineage will have different powers because of the "need" of that category of disciple. For example, the first kind of disciples only need the power to communicate and send their message to Saam Law, do incense, and such, teaching them more won't make it better but add stress to them instead.

When you are ready to level up, you will be offered the opportunity, and you can accept it or push it for later too. The learning pace is up to you, just talk to us to make sure you are feeling good in the lineage!

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