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Heart Spells 心咒

Heart Spells, Sum-Jau 心咒, are granted to you when you are ordained. Every stage will have one or more heart spells that is specifically granted to you, with your Taoist name bonded to it. These are like your power spells and they are to be recited in your mind and not aloud, that is why they are called the "heart spells"!

Different Heart Spells

Tin Yat Disciples will get the first heart spell which is to connect to Saam Law Jo Si and is mostly used for doing incense, and also sending your message to Saam Law Jo Si for help, or to communicate and such.

Saam-Law Disciples will get the second heart spell, which is for executing magic and projecting the power of Saam Law to this world. This will be used very often for doing most magic.

Sun-Lung Disciples will get 3 more heart spells on top of the previous ones, which will be for summoning power from Saam Law to charge things up, to project power and also to launch power outside of yourself or your system etc.

For the higher level disciples, they also have special spells for connecting to the internal powers of the lineage, or even connecting to our 9 guardian powers etc.

There is a lot more details to the spells, and you will learn about them in the lineage!

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