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Mak Jo Si's life is like a wild journey which is full of twists and turns like riding a roller coaster, but now he had come to a stable and steady path to his destiny set for a bright future. In 2012's July, this biography was written to summarize Mak Jo Si's life and future plans.

A strong minded being was born in the city of Hong Kong in 1984. His named given was Mak Kwok Kay, then later given a legal English name of Herman Mak. His mother, who tried to kill him with herbal tea for abortion while he is in her womb was a control freak and an irresponsible mother who doesn't care about his health and life much. With her poor attitude toward marriage and child care, she was forced to have a surgery done to remove Mak Jo Si and his dead sister at Mak Jo Si's fourth month being a baby in her tummy. She would've want to eat the children instead which can fulfil her evil desire of luxury and pleasure of the mouth more than anything else. Too bad, the hospital does promote humanity and Mak Jo Si was saved from the evil mother's fangs and actions. Later on, because of the face that she cares so much about, Mak Jo Si was raised as her only child - but not in a good and caring way.

Starting at the age of four, Mak Jo Si's lost his own father, Peter Mak who die from the disease of leukemia. He started seeing ghosts and entitles around the house, which gave him the urge and will of learning something that can protect him from the spiritual encounters. Basically, he is searching for an answer or explanation just like anybody who are into paranormal things. Curiosity fueled his desire to seek for the truth, and he was wrongly taken in the path of Tien-Di Religion (also called I-Kuan-Dao, they are linked together) after he refused to be baptized with his Catholic family in the Church at Hong Kong. This path was introduced to Mak Jo Si for nothing but one reason, which was to convert him to believe in Jesus, as this evil occult of Tien-Di Religion actually promotes the 5-in-1 concepts of blending Christianity, Taoism, Buddhism, Shintoism and Islam into one. This occult had tricked and fooled Mak Jo Si by their Taoist disguise and gave him many false hope.

With great discipline, he practiced whatever was taught by the religion every day and nothing had helped him reduce his problems, and he kept on seeing more and more spiritual things around him that bothered and even attacked him instead. Health is always an issue back then because of these spiritual beings around. They were not pleasant and friendly - it was not his father or ancestors, that is what was in Mak Jo Si's mind before all the time. It's got to be out of his life.

Over many years, this religion had brought many problems for Mak Jo Si because of the negative energy that tainted his souls. His vision is weakening, his health is dropping, and his hearing is getting worse. Everything is affecting his performance and social circle in school. Nothing proof him that this religion is positive and good to follow.

On the side note here, Mak Jo Si is also very interested in Chinese martial arts as well and so he started learning Tai Chi and Praying Mantis Kung Fu from people in the park during the age of eight as well, and he cultivated it every day with his best effort.

With a great amount of courage and the unbeatable will power, Mak Jo Si had left the religion after the death of his master is announced around 1993, and he was on his own seeking for a spiritual path that could help him again. This journey is like walking a path that is paved with pointy stones and pebbles on an uneven land. With pain and suffer, peers and family pressure, he learned and gained more will and desire to seek for the truth just because it is still not working and the problem is still there haunting and destroying his life day by day.

Not long after, Mak Jo Si immigrated to Canada in the year of 1993 with absolutely no background and exposure to the language of English. He is very talented in Chinese literacy and ancient Chinese culture such as poems, literacy, calligraphy, arts and martial arts. English is like an alien language to him. It was just so painful attend school like an alien from Mars. With the lack of care from the family, he struggled through the ESL class and finally fought the way out of it in grade five. The two years of being an alien are painful and full of sorrows which he had to swallow them all into himself. No family members or relatives actually care, and nobody actually even feel for him too.

Eventhough Mak Jo Si is going through such a hard time, nature's law of balance do exist, and so he did also find something that actually perked his life up. One day, when he was following his family to a dim sum place for lunch, as usual, he was left isolated from the conversation on the table and so off he goes to the bookstore beside the restaurant to wander for goodies. Yes, Mak Jo Si love to read books, but only Chinese books at that time due to the language barrier. His favorite books to read were mostly on martial arts, poems and literacy, but most important of all - paranormal and spiritual subjects. On this special day, he remembered a dream he had the night before with an elder that who handed him a Mao Shan Sect's magic manual and told him to cultivate it to learn the genuine Taoist magic. Right after he recalled this dream, a yellow book appeared on the shelf with the title "Mao Shan Secret Magic Manual". What a coincident it is! Or is it the celestial beings trying to guide this poor boy who had been struggling in the past to the right path? Maybe the hearts of the celestial beings in heaven realm just felt for him and wanted to help him out?

Mak Jo Si bought the book immediately and kept it as his personal treasure like how Christians treated their bible. This got to be his holy book to keep and study, it is his only hope to find out what Taoist magic really is and how he can get his spiritual problems solved. With respect and great discipline, he studied the book every day and followed the instructions there to do the magic correctly. He had cultivated many Taoism Fu (Talisman) and spells. It is just so interesting and fascinating for him to be exposed to something he long wanted to learn. To his surprised, after a few months of cultivations, his ghost seeing vision was gone and all the problems were out of his life! This is a miracle! Mak Jo Si's desire to learn Taoist magic had changed from first being in need of help to now wanting to study more and make this his lifetime study because it is so magical and miraculous! Somehow, learning from a book doesn't fulfil his mind and Mak Jo Si always wanted a master who can guide him on Taoism learning. This master should be a human being and not a book. A human being who answers his questions and clear his doubts at all time, a master who cares for him and understand him, a path that can lead him to the ultimate experience of magic and makes his life better or even curing all that vision, hearing and health problem he got from his childhood.

Mak Jo Si was always waiting for fate to come, for a master to appear in his life and teach him or guide him on Taoism learning. During the meanwhile, he also cultivated the magic in the book every day. He later encountered many friends and relatives who had spiritual problems such as seeing ghosts, hearing voices in the head or having depression from evil curses. With courage, Mak Jo Si offered his help to them and actually solved all their problems with these magic methods he learned from the book! With more success in his experience of exorcism, his mind steered more and more toward the desire of wanting to learn from a real human being who can become his master in Taoism. If things from the book can be so effective, learning from a human being must be a multiple of power!

In around 1995-1996, Mak Jo Si started his own personal website, teaching kung fu online to the oversea students who are all older than him but admired his skill sin martial arts. For a side job, he also offers his service of exorcism for free to his friends around him. There goes the beginning of his destiny of being a true exorcist. He also joined many online forums and newsgroup to gain exposures and experience. Writing articles on paranormal subjects, Feng Shui, ghost stories and Taoism is his main focus back then that attracted a bunch of fans who follow his lead back then. In the year of 2000, Mak Jo Si was perking up in the online market and was invited to be the paranormal advisor of a newsgroup's event in Hong Kong. He went back to Hong Kong to host a few shows and trips which allow him to gain more experience as well as popularity. On the trip, he met some of his fans and got good compliments. Everybody was shocked by his age, which doesn't make sense in proportion to his talent and ability in Taoist magic and Chinese literacy.

During his high school period, Mak Jo Si also encountered his first official Kung Fu teacher who taught him Tai Chi and Wing Chun as well, but it was nothing but the worse experience of the social circle in the world of Kung Fu. With great effort and discipline in his everyday morning training, Mak Jo Si gained more harm than benefits as well because the teaching he received was not beneficial to his health at all. It gave him so many more problems such as pain and aches during season changes, pain in the joints during rainy days and daily lower back pain. It's not his fault though, even the teacher has all these pain as well, but he treated it as something proud to show off which sort of symbolize his hard and rough character in Kung Fu. The path was a slow and destructive one for Mak Jo Si. This even leads him in a tragedy with the con artist setup too!

The dream of Mak Jo Si has come true at this time because a man approached him on the internet, and he offered his teachings of a path that claimed to be Taoism. This was the Luk Yam Shen Gong Sect. Mak Jo Si was tricked into this sect which is a descendent of the White Lotus Rebellions and Yihetuan Rebellions. They were not genuine Taoisms but crooked sects that were disguised in Taoism's outlook. Their rituals and everything seems very Taoism-like and so it fooled the naive and innocent Mak Jo Si into the twirl of chaos.

At first, he ordained and initiated into the religion of Luk Yam Shen Gong in Hong Kong and gone through all the scary rituals with having to be sliced and chopped by a machete in the master's hand. The blade did ran and drove through his body, but it did not cause a bleed and not even a drip of blood was seen. Mak Jo Si was fascinated by the magical power, therefore, he tried the same thing at home with a live blade. Turned out it was nothing but disappointment. As you might expect, the blade sliced open his flesh and doubts came out of his mind at the same time. His master responded to him with a threatening tone and told him that it was disrespectful to test it on your own at home without supervision.

Later on, Mak Jo Si had heard their tricks behind the scene. Sadly, it was all a street magic kind of magic trick. Basically anybody can do it if you were taught the method to perform the ritual with their prepared blade. Literally, it was a scam.

The community that lacks the virtues there with foul language is unbelievable. The social circle is full of jealousy, hate, villains and dishonestly. People were talking behind others' back, threatening others' by calling names, and casting evil magic on others. There is absolutely no trace of what Mak Jo Si was expecting from a genuine Taoism source. He found that the magic are not working much as well and so he decided to leave and detached from this scary path.

In 2003, Mak Jo Si met Lau Jo Si and everything changed. They both encountered a nice Mao Shan Sect student on the web and were introduced to meet the master to learn from the genuine Mao Shan Sect of Taoism instead. This path was much better in comparing to the Luk Yam Shen Gong sect. The people were full of virtues, talking in an educated and pleasant tone, caring and all focused on learning and personal advances more than anything else. It was totally a different world. Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si ordained and initiated into Taoism's Mao Shan Sheung Ching Sect and became the 73th generation student, learning from an elder who is a 72th generation master by distance teaching.

The master is about to retire from his teaching, but Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si were the two that he last accepted as his special close-door students instead because the divine had hinted to him that they were different and special ones who were set to advance in a unique and outstanding way, their adventure of the true Taoism searching was meant to happen. The master accepted the celestial task and taught everything to the two in a short period of time.

In three years, Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si had graduated from the Mao Shan Sheung Ching Sect with completion of all cultivations and learnings. Yet, you might think it is a lot of things to learn in a sect, but if you were the chosen one, given the tips and special way to cultivate, things could be all inherited in a short time. Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si were two fortunate ones who fell onto this path and completed the whole system of Mao Shan Sheung Ching Sect in three years.

During this period of time, Mak Jo Si had also encountered a con artist who approached him claiming he can cure his weak vision and so on by using herbal remedies and chi kung. The reason that Mak Jo Si fell for him was because his public image was very convincing and he is also a Chinese doctor too. When you see that he had three store locations in Canada and had been over 10 years in business, who would have thought he was a con artist anyway? Mak Jo Si went for his teaching and remedies and turn out he was scammed to became his free labor and slave. The con artist not only scammed them for money from time to time, he also had scammed them to work for him and his kung fu federation for free while giving him lots of false hope. The medicine did not work but slowly destroyed Mak Jo Si health too. Turn out that this con artist is a close friend of Mak Jo Si's Wing Chun teacher and his intention was to knock Mak Jo Si out of the business of kung fu teaching.

Poor Mak Jo Si got scammed and health was dropping like jumping off the roof. In a few years, he was weakened so much that he had been forced to stop his kung fu teaching career. This had not knocked him out of business, but forced him to focus his career on Taoism only.

Magic in Mao Shan Sect is much more effective than Luk Yam Sheng Gong. It was what Mak Jo Si used for fighting off the sorcery and evil magic attacks from the Luk Yam Shen Gong people later on too. When the people from the Luk Yam Shen Gong noticed that Mak Jo Si had opened a temple in Canada, they were gathering up their whole colony of people to attack Mak Jo Si with evil magic that were meant to take away his life. They treated him as if he is a betrayer of the religion of Luk Yam even he just left quietly and calmly. Just because of jealousy, they hated to see Mak Jo Si successful in starting his own career and opening the local temple of Chi in Nature with Lau Jo si in 2006. Therefore, they used the most lethal magic available in their religion to attack them many times and they were all backfired by the power of the true Mao Shan Sheung Ching Sect's magic. With this path, Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si could have been dead by then. Eventhough they do possess the power to fight off the Luk Yam Shen Gong sorcerers, there are still many people who these people hired to assist them for knocking over Mak Jo Si. Being defensive and nice is not an option. Mak Jo Si knew he was in need of a more powerful power source that can allow him to survive and withstand all these attacks from the evil people.

The master of Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si had given them the guidance and words from the heart. He told the two that the power source of the Mao Shan Sect was very limited even it seems to be powerful. The problem is because many generations of Mao Shan Sect had tainted the power source by doing sorcery and sealing in evil magic methods into the religion. Many had also destroyed the original magic by blending in Buddhism factors as well due to the corrupted politics. One must connect to the celestial realm themselves to see if they can learn from the raw source of Taoism and inherit the true Tao. This is how it was done in the Han Dynasty when Taoism was created.

Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si took the option and went for the cultivations for reaching the celestial. To their surprise, they did get connected and was guided by the celestial beings, and learn from the beginning again. In order to learn and cultivate this raw and pure power of Taoism, the two must drain out all the power they had accumulated and cultivated in the past. They both took the risk, and there goes the beginning of a new life in Taoism.

Of course, it is very risky to start from the beginning again, but they believe that is the only way out and so they trusted the celestial and let them take over the steering wheel.

Around 2006, Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si incorporated Chi in Nature Ltd. Later on, they moved into a local storefront location - there goes their Taoist temple. During this time, the con artist then also brainwashed Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si with many Buddhist concepts and scams. They were once given the destiny of opening and hosting a new religion of Taoism by the celestial beings' instruction, but this con artist jammed in and messed up the whole thing which later became the Ng Yin Do Pai that was promoted on the internet in 2008-2009.

In 2009, the celestial beings finally rescued and awakened Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si from the con artist setup and helped them to get away from him. Not long after, the two realized the con artist was doing a setup on them, everything gotten chaotic. The con artist turned out to be a gangster as well and he was doing physical threat to Mak Jo Si's temple and Mak Jo Si as well such as placing skeletons on their temple's door and sign, attempt break in to the temple at night, threatening them verbally on the phone and so on. The most ridiculous thing is that this con artist was not only coming because of jealousy and money, he was also hooked up with Mak Jo Si's mother who long wanted them to close the temple and get out of business from the beginning. As you may be able to recall, Mak Jo Si's mother is not the loving and caring type but the total opposite instead. Therefore, Mak Jo Si knew he cannot stay in his own family circle as well because no one is on his side and everybody was doing harm to him.

Lau Jo Si led Mak Jo Si to leave these evil and ridiculous relatives, and they started to live a life on their own. This is the time in Mak Jo Si's life that officially cuts the rope that tie him and his family or even parents together. He cut off from his family and shall never be in a relationship with them again.

After all this chaos is over, Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si finally gained their peace and formed their own little family. The two were then assigned by whom they called the Taoverse Deity to host and run their own religion to cultivate and teach these raw Taoism knowledge, wisdom, and magic from the celestial realm. Passing on the most pure and raw Taoism to the world then became their destiny. The two accepted the quest, and there goes the Taoist master Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si. The title of "Jo Si" actually means the religion founder and this sets the lifetime career and path of the two strong minded beings.

Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si were then being taught by the Taoverse Deity, and he started to cure many problems he had in the past such as the weak vision, health problems, and most important of all - the swollen and disabled leg that was poisoned by the toxic herbal pouch given by the con artist in 2008 for his twisted leg! At that time, no doctors have a clue of how to fix this problem with the poisoned leg, and they all told Mak Jo Si to wait and see how it goes in a year or two. He was totally hopeless and depressed because of being semi-disabled. The only hope then goes to Taoverse Deity. He had told himself that if this genuine path is really good and real, it should be able to save him from this situation instead. He let Taoverse Deity took care of him and taught him the ways to heal the leg.

At first, Taoverse deity taught Mak Jo Si tons of magic cultivations for him to cultivate and protect himself against those evil magic and sorcery attacks. Then he started to teach him kung fu from the beginning again and forced him to practice every day for about 8 hours each day. This schedule of training is harsh for a semi-disabled man, but he struggled through and to his surprise, his leg was cured in 5 months of training with absolutely no medication at all!

The effectiveness of this real and genuine source of Taoist magic has been just amazing. Tin Yat Taoism magic had continuously and repeatedly proved to Mak Jo Si of its effectiveness and capability to solve problems in life. Not only once, but many times!

In 2010, Mak Jo Si's focus was to learn and cultivate things in Tin Yat Taoism that were taught by the celestial beings, and he gained a lot of wisdom in the process too. On top of that, he also regained his memory back from the previous life during his cultivation. He was the 10th child of Taoverse Deity in the celestial realm and that is why he was able to connect back and communicate with Taoverse Deity again. Knowing his background and past life back is a plus for Mak Jo Si but it does take him time to accept it as well and so he was given a lot of proofs which proven what he knew are all correct and not just his imaginations. You might call him crazy, but you won't if you ever tried his magic of Tin Yat Taoism. It is amazing, incomparable and unbelievably powerful.

Tin Yat Taoism and on...

Starting from the winter of 2009 as the transition period for Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si from the Mao Shan Sheung Ching Sect to Tin Yat Taoism, they started a new path in life and set their destiny. In 2010 and on, Mak Jo Si and Lau Jo Si were non-stop learning and cultivating their Tin Yat Taoism magic, wisdom and so on. They were first taught the traditional magic, then off to the modern things such as tao-gun, tao-taste, tao- game, tao-light, tao-blade, and so on. Everything in Tin Yat Taoism can fulfil Mak Jo Si's desire to seek for the true Taoism path. It is a truly genuine, raw, powerful and the real deal path of Taoism. The wisdom and skills Mak Jo si had gained in learning from the celestial is just incredibly massive and amazing. Mak Jo Si had finally found his lifetime career path and his destiny was set. Tin Yat Taoism Taoism is what Mak Jo Si hold and will be passing on to others for the rest of his life.

Later on, Mak Jo Si even accepted students into the religion who all had proven to themselves and to Mak Jo Si that the power of Tin Yat Taoism is real and powerful. There were testimonials done by Mak Jo Si's  students that were posted on YouTube too!

With the greatest confidence, Mak Jo Si now sets Taoism as his lifetime career, and that is what he teaches and do for the rest of his life. Being a Taoist master and an exorcist who helps people to solve their ghost or spiritual problems, to save those who were bothered and threatened by the sorcerer's and black magic attacks, to teach his students and blossoms his religion and spread this genuine and powerful religion of Taoism throughout the world, allowing more people to benefit the way it benefited him in the past and present. May the voice of Tin Yat Taoism and the raw and genuine source of Taoism be heard by the people around the globe! This sets the destiny of Mak Jo Si with the lights shining ahead on  the brilliant future of Taoism that he foresees.

From 2006 to 2013, the local storefront of Chi in Nature Ltd is still alive, and there, Mak Jo Si knows that it is already a solid proof for himself that it will go on forever. With the great will and mind, nothing can stop him in the journey of Taoism.

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2013 - The Luk Yam and Mao Shan Shen Gong Scam Busting Act

During the year of 2013, Mak Jo Si bravely launched the campaign of busting the cult of Luk Yam and Mao Shan Shen Gong, revealing their scams to the public such as the blade-proof rituals, the balancing tricks and so on that they claim to be a proof of "magical power" to fool the innocents and trick them to believe that this is real magic. You can read about these here:

Cult Alert! Luk Yam Shen Gong – Self-Claimed Taoism – Descendent of Yihetuan Boxer’s Rebellion

Cult Alert! Mao Shan Shen Gong – EVIL Religion And NOT Real Taoism

Luk Yam Shen Gong SCAM Blade-Proof Magic Revealed!

As expected, a lot of the Luk Yam Shen Gong people and Mao Shen Shen Gong people ganged up and started their "revenge", showing their true face, calling Mak Jo Si a "betrayer" and threatened him in some online forums.

The road ahead is going to be tough for Mak Jo Si, because he is brave enough to be the first person who can stand up and speak out the truth, busting these long winning scammers in the Chinese society. Of course, haters are always going to hate, and these scammers are always going to scam people. What Mak Jo Si can do is to try his best to reveal these scams to the world so people can be aware of them and not be scammed again.

With courage, Mak Jo Si charged toward the challenge and fight against the evils, just like his motto - "Anti-Evils for the rest of my life." - That's the way of the true genuine Taoism.


Recent Activities

Mak Jo Si is now focused on mainly running Chi in Nature Ltd the Taoist temple and geared toward the online market as there  is more audience on the web.


Websites that Mak Jo Si had been working on are:


Mak Jo Si is also active in writing articles on many famous websites as well!


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mak jo si and altar at home

Mak Jo Si standing in front of his Tin Yat Altar at home. He never stop working and so even at home, he also do magical work for our customers too!

mak jo si kungfu

This is Mak Jo Si performing the Tin Yat Taichi Fist form, cool photoshop with the energy vibe background eh? Yeah, I love it!

Mak Jo Si performing the Tin Yat Scripture ritual at his home altar in the video above.

Mak Jo Si performing the Tin Yat Afterdeath Scripture ritual at his home altar in the video above.

Mak Jo Si performing the Tin Yat Taichi Fist Form in the video above.

mak jo si in taoism suite

Here are some videos you MUST watch

1. The Shaolin Warrior Con-man VS Mak Jo Si

2. Luk Yam Shen Gong Scam of Blade-Proof magic

3. Shaolin Scams Revealed

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