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Altar Upkeep and Maintenance

When you have your altar up and running, remember to do your daily food uploads and burn incense at least 3x a day with your heart spells. More will be taught as you advances.

Burning incense in the morning, middle of the day and evening is the basic routine of a Taoist. By doing these regular incense with the heart spells, you are also powering up your altar and bringing down the Saam Law power into your altar every day, which is what makes your altar stronger in the long run.


Every month you will conclude the altar once by clearing up the incense sticks (the red part that is leftover) and resetting the pot to level the ashes etc. During this time, you will also be cleaning the altar and doing some maintenance work.

After the altar is cleaned up, you will then fire it up again to move on to your next month.

You will also be doing some other forms of concluding with the altar too. Read our concluding article for more info.

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