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Altar Setup

You will need to purchase a set of Altar Activation FU from us to get the altar activated. This will cost $118 and is to be purchased in our disciple-only page (see your welcome email).

Get a table with 4 legs, normal desk for writing is fine, and place it somewhere that is clean and open. Watch the video below to understand some basic knowledge for choosing a good place for your altar:

The altar frame cannot "lean" against the wall. It has to be hung on the wall.

After you have chosen the place, talk to us by email or on LINE chat and confirm everything, then we will get you rolling.

For those who are starting with less budget, and not ready for a big altar yet, you will be using the small altar frame given to you by the Sifu(s) as your start up, and you will be following the instructions by your Si Gung to get going on your starter altar.

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