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Our lineage is considered as Taoism, but Taoism is only a category and there are many sects and lineages in this category that actually leads the disciples to a different path. None of the sects and lineages are the same or going to the same path, while they might be doing similar practice in the surface.

For us, our destiny is to cultivate ourselves in the lineage and we can be united with our Yuen Sun again when we die. After that, our Yuen Sun and everything will be ascended out of the ordinary universe and back to this deep preheaven nature which we call Dai Law Tin 大羅天 to become one with nature again, going back to the most perfect form of life.

After a Saam Law Taoist dies, they will at least not be bullied and enslaves by the evil lords in the spiritual dimensions, and also not be wandering around like a hopeless and helpless soul. You will be protected and guided by the power of Saam Law, the power of nature, and be going to the best route for a next life to begin. Let's take a look at what the Yuen Sun is about first!

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