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Learning Saam Law Sun Sung 三羅神功

Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功 is the Taoist magic that we practice in the lineage, and this is beyond the regular Taoism because we are connected to the deep pre-heaven nature, which is the energy of creation. A normal person's "Tao" is only their own spiritual planetary body, which is the Yuen Sun. Taking the pre-heaven resources from the Yuen Sun and using it to apply it onto your post-heaven life in this reality world is what most normal Taoism can do. However, Saam Law Sun Gung goes beyond that, reaching further into the deeper side of nature, and getting our hands on this powerful ancient power which exist before this visible universe we lived in today. This TAO you will be ordained to is not your ordinary TAO, and so being a Saam Law Taoist is not the same as being a Taoist of another sect or lineage even we are all categorized as "Taoism" in general, because our TAO is not the same.

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What is Ordination

To be ordained, it means you submit yourself to Saam Law, which is the deep pre-heaven nature, and where our lineage's wisdom and power comes from. Once you are ordained, you will be granted a Taoist name, which marks your identity in the lineage. Being part of the lineage, you will now be guided, protected and empowered by the lineage and Saam Law. Everything we teach you including the magic, the spells/incantations, the symbols, and everything will work because you are in the lineage and connected to Saam Law Jo Si.

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Stages of Learning

We are not a ladder climbing system, and do not aim to "finish" learning by reaching the "top" asap. It does not work that way. Every stage is different because of the power you have access to, and it fits different audiences.

Tin Yat Disciple 天一教弟子- Good for casual or passive people who just want to get ordained to get protection and empowered by the lineage and Saam Law Jo Si. Greta for those who are relatives or friends of our disciples. They might not want to be learning a lot of things, but just want some protection and blessings to make their life better, this stage is best for these people, and they can always go up a step when they feel like it.

Saam Law Disciple 三羅教弟子- This stage is the most common stage for most people. You ordain into the lineage and become a disciple to learn the wisdom and magic. You will be aiming to master the basics and get your altar built up. These disciples will have enough power to protect themselves and do magic for themselves mostly.

Sun Lung Disciple 神龍教弟子- A step up from Saam Law disciple, and mostly getting deeper into the magic learning, and now your power can allow you to do magic to things outside of you, or even doing magic by distance and for people around you. These disciples will dig deeper into the FU magic and utilizing their altar more.

Tin Ting Disciple 天庭教弟子- This is the special stage where you must be hand picked by the Si Gung(s), and you will be given the opportunity to accept the offer. This stage gets you into the deeper knowledge on magical tools, and have access to the lineage's special powers in the internal network. You will also learn the advanced magic theories and master the more complex rituals and such.

Sun Ting Disciple 神庭教弟子- This is the last stage which people will learn to become a master and be able to handle disciples, dealing with magic that requires strong moral and virtue to learn, such as magic that can be used wrong if the mindset is not right. This stage is also offered when the disciple is ready.

Start Learning

Get started by going to our website to do the payment for getting ordained.

Then, send us an e-mail to follow up with your photo (taken for the ordination), full name, date of birth, and maybe if you have a brief passage to include for why and how you chose this path.

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