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The name of our lineage is Tin Yat Lineage 天一派 in short.

The long form is called Tin Yat Saam Law Sun Lung Gaau 天一三羅神龍教.

After ordaining into the lineage, you are a Taoist of Saam Law Tin Si Tao 三羅天師道.

The lineage is inherited by Jee Sifu (Si Gung) and Gum Sifu (Si Gung) from Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師, Saam Ling Grand-Si Gung 三靈老師公 and Yuen Sum Grand-Sifu 元心老師父.

Grandmaster Saam Ling then granted the two Sifu(s) and the others in the lineage, including Tin Yee Sifu a new name for their sect and company altogether, which is Tin Yat Sun Lung Gung 天一神龍宮 and it was translated into Tin Yat Dragon for the English speaking audience.

You will know more about the lineage as you stay and learn in the lineage!

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