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What is Tin Yat

Tin Yat is simply translated to Sky-One, which means to connect to the sky. For us, the sky is Saam Law, where our power, wisdom and all the knowledge in the lineage got inherited from.

Why Do You Ordain into Our Lineage

When you ordain into the lineage, you become a part o the lineage and so you can inherit the power, wisdom and magic from Saam Law and be able to use them. Without being a part of the system, the methods will not work even you copy them, because you are not part of the system, and there is nothing that will respond to your summons.

What is the SUN 神 About?

SUN 神 is used as a verb and noun in our lineage. It can means to output power or project the powers beyond its limited zones, or it can be a kind of energy that can create the future. The SUN energy in us, is when we can expose our powers out of our body. We do not use the SUN word like there are some supreme beings that controls the world like the common "God" word in most people's dictionary.

What is Saam-Law

Saam Law is the Tin Law 天羅, Dei Law 地羅 and Daai Law 大羅


What is Dragon in Our Definition?

Dragon is not an animal, but it is depicted as one. In our dictionary, the word dragon describes a kind of preheaven energy and so here is a nice long lecture for you!

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