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Welcome the Year of Chicken 2017 (丁酉)!

This year's energy circulation is kind of in a situation like when someone is pouring wine into your glass while you are in the mood for accepting, it's a great year that should be quite positive for getting your crops harvested, getting things you have invested to come in and to have things rolling into your way. The years hould be great, but there are still some hiccups for those who just doesn't flow well with this energy pattern, and these people are falling in the list of what we call "Fan Tai Sui". No worry, the preoblem can be ressolved by using our FU, and we greatly suggest you try it out to get yourself a shield to make the year smoother! Read about what is Fan Tai Sui and understand how important it is to everyone.

No matter what kind of Fan Tai Sui issue you have got with you this year, we have got the fix for you here. We strongly suggest you e-mail us to consult us directly for the best customized solution that fits you the best. It's free to inquire!

2012 Monery Luck FU

2017 年運招財納氣符

2017 Tin Yat Annual Money Luck Booster FU

Tape at home or carry the FU weith you for 365 days after activation. This FU is to bring in the energy of wealth in 2017 to give you a better boost for accomplishing things and making your money luck or wealth luck better by utilizing the nature's given energy better, with more potentials being able to put into real physical results.


2012 Home Protection FU

2017 鎮宅安寧符

2017 Tin Yat Annual Protection Power for Home FU

Tape the FU in your living room or foyer area, high up on the wall, and it will shield your home, plus bring in good energies that will bring peace to your home and family, harmonizing and balancing the energy to make things settle faster or prevent hiccups from happening.



2012 Personal Protection FU

2017 保身符

2017 Tin Yat Annual Protection Power for Personal FU

Carry the FU with you for 365 days to shield yourself and prevent accidents, hiccups and any troubles that might be caused by the Fan Tai Sui issues in 2017. Better to be safe than sorry, and prevention is better than fixing a problem when it happened.


Fall in the Fan Tai Shui List?

You may refer to the chart below for a brief Fan Tai Shui check up to see if your zodiac animal matches to know if you are in the Fan Tai Sui list, OR you can send an e-mail to our sifu(s) and we will do a check up for you at no cost! Read about the 5 major types of Fan Tai Sui to know more about what they are on our blog!

Fan Tai Sui can be easily spotted by looking at which year you are born in, but that is not the best method to calculate it. Not only your birth year should be looked at, but what makes the FTS issue harm or not harm you is determined by the month, day aand time of birth. If you can provide us with a full DoB and time of birth of yourself, we will be able to calculate for you and see if you are really being affected by this issue, and how much are you really affected by it. For example, your year might be on FTS, but your month, date and time is not, then you don't really have to worry about it much!

Birth Year

Harm to you (max 5)

Major Influence

雞 Chicken

刑太歲 3 Internal conflcits, feel exhausted, overwhelmed with work, very packed up and easy to get hot temper from time to time
兔 Rabbit 沖太歲 4 Crashes and conflicts with things incoming, easy to spark up fights and arguments with people, and very hectic overall
雞 Chicken 值太歲 2 Might get over greedy and take in more than you can digest, rushy, and sometimes have wrong senses
狗 Dog 害太歲 4 Harm yourself back with your own doings, or having issues with decision making, investments and even putting your effort into worthless things, wasting your time and money
鼠 Rat 破太歲 3 Things got busted before it can happen for real, many plans fail to execute, many things not working in the middle of the way, etc.

2012 Fan Tai Shui FU

2017 化太歲符

2017 Tin Yat Annual Fan Tai Sui Protection FU

Thsi FU can be carried with you or be taped at home in the living room to get the Fan Tai Sui energy issue dissolved, bringing you a more stable, and peaceful year of 2017. It's always good to have this FU working for you even you don't have much issues with Fan Tai Sui. It's just a better thing to be safe than sorry.


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